Industry success requires leaders to push for innovation while balancing risk mitigation. Leaders must understand the impact of decisions on the entire organizational ecosystem. MBBT LLC prides itself on the ability to provide solutions that empower organizations to achieve not only their technological potential, but also the goals of the entire organization. MBBT’s three pillars of solutions are adaptable to all organizations including education, corporations, technology solutions providers, and healthcare.

Data Governance

Data Governance is more than just privacy and security. It is a culture that involves every stakeholder in the organization. Your IT team does a lot to secure systems and data, but without a culture that prioritizes the necessary framework, your organization remains at risk.

  • Data privacy guidance
    • Contract review
    • Documentation of policies, process/procedures
    • Data best practices 
    • Understanding implementation of applicable law
  • Security best practices on a budget
  • Creating a culture of data governance
  • Professional Learning
Technology Strategic Planning

Technology planning created in silos leads to inefficiencies and risk. Effective technology planning considers input of key stakeholders and plans for the strategic vision of the organization. MBBT’s technology strategic planning utilizes years of experience building infrastructure, processes and procedures designed to support exponential growth while minimizing budget impact.

  • Technology audit / review
  • Budget projections
  • Long range planning
  • Spend analysis
  • Infrastructure planning for innovation
  • Professional Learning
    • Technical Staff
    • Systems and Resources
  • Training videos, training guides, interactive training modules
Purposeful Leadership

The organization’s mission should be reflected in vendor – client partnerships. With 17 years of experience in leadership, purchasing and partnerships in K-12 education, MBBT guides organizations through best practices that maximize the potential of partnerships and increase the value of their team.

  • Partnering with Education
    • Understanding the potential of vendor / education relationships
    • Education friendly contracts that ensure compliance with federal and state regulations
    • Education purchasing practices
  • Establishing value added services to maximize strategic partnerships
  • Developing clients as partners to maximize ROI for all
  • Professional Learning 
    • Establishing best practices in Adult learning
    • Employee Onboarding best practices
    • Client onboarding and technical support
  • Team Development