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Melissa Tebbenkamp, CETL, is a highly qualified consultant in the field of adult learning, data governance, cybersecurity and enterprise technology leadership. Melissa has earned a national reputation for her expertise and has been asked to advise several national organizations including the US Department of Education, Federal Trade Commission, Future of Privacy Forum, Consortium for School Networking (CoSN) and Project Unicorn. She has contributed to several nationally published whitepapers and articles and has been featured in international publications for her approach to data center management. As a certified teacher in Missouri with a Master’s Degree in Education Technology, Melissa brings a unique skillset that combines the understanding of complex networks, educational philosophy and leadership.

Melissa served on the CoSN national from 2014-2021, leading several working groups and committees with an emphasis on data privacy, cybersecurity, interoperability and policy/advocacy. Melissa has taught several national online courses on data privacy and cybersecurity for CoSN as well as the Future of Privacy Forum. In addition, she has been featured in several national webinars and round-table discussions.

Keynote engagements including: inaugural GENETEC North America Security conference, CoSN national conference, Oklahoma Tech Director’s Summit (2 day workshop on data governance), Missouri Girls in STEAM. In addition, she has been a featured speaker and panelist at multiple national conferences. Additional presentations include: SxSW on data privacy, panelist for US Dept of Ed on FERPA and schools, ASBO International on becoming a Trusted Learning Environment, plus over forty (40) state and national conference session presentations on Budgeting for Technology, Technology Audits, Security Video Solutions, Sever Virtualization, Data Governance and Cyber Security.